Dedykowany stojak pod Naim Mu-So

Speaker Stand Support HiFi Furniture Naim Muso Support Range Design Copyright © Custom Design (Newcastle) 2015

Custom Design’s philosophy is to achieve business by product design and service success. Innovation is an integral part of Custom Design. One of the main reasons for our continued success over the past 28 years has been the working culture, combining engineering skills and technology.

The Naim Muso HiFi Furniture Support are exclusive to Custom Design and manufactured through our philosophy to constantly question and challenge ideas. Embrace modern engineering techniques and materials to enhance the performance of customers hifi equipment with isolation..
The twin column supports are available in 50mm diameter and 76mm diameter ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel, finishes include Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Black, Mercury or White finish. Combined with the EN 12105-02 10mm clear glass base provide a totally rigid, acoustic hifi furniture support table.

The Naim Muso support columns can be massloaded to enhance performance. The extended footprint provides total stability with a custom service available for all sizes of hifi equipment. HiFi Furniture designed to provide a unique, acoustic platform for our customers who demand and require a more exciting, dynamic performance from their hifi furniture support..

Custom sizes available on request.

Image above: Naim Muso RS 302 Brushed Chrome with 10mm Clear Glass Base

Floor Protectors optional extra £19.99 set 4.

Image above: Naim Muso RS 302 Black with 10mm Clear Glass Base

Floor Protectors optional extra £19.99 set 4.

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Stal akustyczna w zastosowaniu w podstawkach

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